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Talks & Lectures

These are all the full-length talks/lectures I've given over the past couple years. If you're interested in having me speak at your company/conference/event, contact me.


React Advanced London

"Next Generation Data Fetching" (London, UK)

ReactDay New York

"Formik Native" (New York, NY)

React Native EU

"Formik Native" (Wroclaw, Poland)

React Europe Keynote

"The Future of React" (Paris, France)

Apollo Day

"GraphQL + Suspense" (New York, NY)


Facebook's React Conf

"Moving to React Suspense" (Las Vegas, NV)

React Alicante

"Taming Forms in React" (Alicante, Spain)

GraphQL NYC Keynote

"Almost GraphQL" (New York, NY)


"Server Rendered JavaScript" (New York, NY)


React NYC Keynote

"Server Rendering Without the Framework" (New York, NY)

React NYC

"An Introduction to Formik" (New York, NY)

React for Designers @ Interbrand

"CSS-in-JS: From Styled Components to JSXStyle" (New York, NY)

ReasonML NYC Keynote

"The Road to ReasonML" (New York, NY)