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GitHub isn't fun anymore

At first I thought it was just me getting older and more experienced. But after several conversations about it with colleagues and other open source maintainers, I'm not the only one who… Continue Reading

How to add AI to your app without knowing anything about AI

AI/ML is going to change the world according to everyone with a pulse. However, getting started with this stuff is down right daunting. You've probably heard of TensorFlow and PyTorch… Continue Reading

Gatsby vs. Next.js

Over the past few months, I've moved as much code as possible away from Gatsby . While I see why people are attracted to it and its growing ecosystem, I am no longer sipping the KoolAid… Continue Reading

Technology that I was wrong about

Most people write about tools they used successfully. Today, I want to discuss technology that I was wrong about. Immer Immer (German for: always) is a tiny package that allows you to work… Continue Reading

What's new in ES 2020?

As we near the end of the decade, I'd like to share with you some of the upcoming changes to JavaScript that are coming in 2020. These are all currently Stage 5 TC39 ECMASCript Proposals… Continue Reading

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