React Podcast #41: Be Super with TypeScript

Typescript. What is it? How does it help you write better code? Will it help you sleep better at night? As the lead engineer at The Palmer Group , a strategy, design, and engineering firm. We use TypeScript every day to keep code sturdy and maintainable. I joined Chantastic… Read →

React Round Up Podcast #52: React Suspense

In this episode of React Round Up , I talk all things React Suspense--how it helps to resolve conflicts with resource scheduling and how it differs from current practices. I explain how React Suspense will reduce code size for loading states, the mechanism of parallel execution… Read →

LIVE! Build Your Own Formik Using React Hooks

There's a lot of chatter about React Hooks and forms. They really change the game, but they are also a totally new mind-bending approach in some cases. In this webinar, I rebuild most of my form library Formik with React Hooks while discussing what Hooks are, why… Read →

React Conf 2018: Moving to React Suspense

React Suspense is coming! While that's awesome for greenfield apps, most of us will need to incrementally adopt these new features and paradigms. In this talk at React Conf 2018 , I'll discuss how we're incrementally migrating to Suspense--from our overall strategy, preparation… Read →

Formik: Taming Forms in React

Last week, I traveled to Spain to talk at React Alicante on forms in React and Formik . Almost exactly a year ago, I gave my first talk at Spotify on Formik. So much has changed this past year: Formik has almost 10,000 stars on GitHub and has been downloaded on NPM over 1.… Read →

React Round Up Podcast #14: Razzle

I had the honor of joining my good friend Nader Dabit ( @dabit3 ) for an episode of React Round Up . We talked about Razzle, Backpack, and After.js and a few other projects I'm working on. No embed this time, but you can find the episode on: Read →

Reactiflux Q&A

I did a Q&A session on Reactiflux , a Discord community focused on React . Here's the full transcript. Q: What is your opinion on using context api? – zend A: Start with props and local state. Lift state when you need to. Use context for session related things like the current… Read →

React Native Radio #94: Formik

I went on React Native Radio with Spencer Carli, Nader Dabit, and Lee Johnson to discuss Formik, React Native (of course), as well as what my experience has been like managing open source projects. You can press play below or find the episode on... iTunes Web Read →

React Podcast #2: Formik, Razzle, and the Future of React

I had the honor of joining my good friend Michael Jackson ( @mjackson ) for the second episode of React Podcast . We talked about open source, TypeScript vs. FlowType, a few of my projects, and the future of React.js. You can press play below or find the episode on... iTunes… Read →